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1.LED450W waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple [2017-9-25 10:26:37]
  Product Name: Outdoor Beam Pattern Dyeing Multifunctional Lamps 1, LED light source life of up to 50,000 hours; 2, waterproof performance, the first waterproof rating: IP65, the bo……
2.440W waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple one (high) [2017-9-25 10:12:49]
  ◎ Light source: Osram 440 light source, life can reach 1500hrs, rated color 7800K. ◎ Product power: light power 440W total power of about 680W ◎ Power: 100 ~ 240V, AC 50 / 60Hz, po……
3.350W waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple [2017-8-22 18:09:37]
350W waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple Product Name: Outdoor Beam Pattern Dyeing Multifunctional Lamps Model: XYL-DP350BSW 350W waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple ……
4.440W waterproof beam moving head light (high) [2017-9-25 10:16:30]
  Voltage: AC100V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz, (90V to 240V normal use) Light source power: 440W The whole lamp power 850W Ballast: electronic ballast Color temperature: 8500K Average life: 1……
5.LED350W Waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple [2017-9-25 10:24:27]
    ◆ Product power: light power 350W total power of about 500W ◆ Rated voltage: AC100V-220V, 50 / 60Hz ◆ Light source specifications: LED350W light source life of up to 60,0……
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