440W waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple one (high)
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◎ Light source: Osram 440 light source, life can reach 1500hrs, rated color 7800K.
◎ Product power: light power 440W total power of about 680W
◎ Power: 100 ~ 240V, AC 50 / 60Hz, power consumption 700W at 230V
◎ Color temperature: 7800K
◎ Beam angle: 2.5 ° (beam light mode)
◎ zoom range: 4 ° ~ 50 ° (pattern light mode), 5 meters within the white spot 4.5 meters diameter, prism spot 2.3 meters diameter, prism superimposed spot 3.5 meters diameter;
◎ linear dimming: linear dimming 0 ~ 100%, variable speed strobe; electronic focus, auto focus
◎ high-speed strobe: pulse strobe, synchronous asynchronous strobe. Strobe speed 1-26 times per second
◎ fixed color: CMY color mixing system. 3 color plates 14 color tablets 2 CTO (3200K and 2500K) + 1 CTB, can be half-color effect, linear color conversion
◎ dynamic pattern: rotating pattern disk 6 rotating glass pattern + white, you can order customer requirements LOGO, variable speed jitter / two-way flow effects, pattern indexing function and 16Bit precise fine-
◎ static pattern: fixed pattern disk 18 + 1 fixed pattern, pattern jitter effect, variable speed jitter / two-way flow effect, all fixed patterns and rotating patterns can achieve linear stepless zoom function, to achieve a pattern can cover a wall;
Prism: 2 independent rotating prism, the standard is a 3 prism +5 prism and can be superimposed, and all prisms can be achieved linear stepless zoom function;
◎ focus: the use of high-precision glass optical lens, electronic linear focus, 5 meters each effect can be clearly adjusted;
◎ atomization: 1 independent atomization effect, soft spot natural;
◎ closed light, the power automatically reduced, energy saving and environmental protection; fan intelligent speed;
◎ X / Y axis angle: X axis 540 °, Y axis 270 °, precision control, three-phase motor, automatic reset
◎ control channel: 2 channel mode selection 23CH / 27CH, the factory default is 27CH ◎ waterproof rating: IP65
◎ lamp weight: net weight 33KG,
◎ Product Size :: 53CM * Width 33CM * 73CM


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