350W waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple
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350W waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple

Product Name: Outdoor Beam Pattern Dyeing Multifunctional Lamps

Model: XYL-DP350BSW 350W waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple

Product power: light power 350W total power of about 680W

Rated voltage: AC100V-260V, 50 / 60Hz

Light source specifications: 350W light source

Beam angle: parallel beam angle 1 ° ~ 3 °, pattern magnification angle 15-56 °, 5 m white light spot 4.5 m diameter, prism spot 2.3 m diameter, prism superimposed spot 3.5 m diameter;

Linear dimming: Mechanical linear dimming 0 to 100%

High-speed strobe: pulse strobe, synchronous asynchronous strobe strobe speed 1-26 times per second

Fixed color: 1 fixed color wheel with 13 color + white, can be half-color effect, linear color conversion and two-way variable speed rotation rainbow effect

Dynamic pattern: 1 rotating pattern wheel with 9 optional plug-in pattern + white, rotating pattern Outside diameter: 17mm Effective inner diameter: 15mm, can order customer requirements LOGO, variable speed jitter / two-way flow effect, pattern Index function and 16Bit precise fine tuning

Static pattern: a fixed pattern wheel with 14 patterns + white (new design), variable speed jitter / two-way flow effect, all fixed patterns and rotating patterns can achieve linear stepless zoom function, to achieve a pattern can cover a wall ;

Prism: 2 independent rotating prism, standard is an 8 prism + linear hexaprism and can be superimposed, and all prisms can achieve linear stepless zoom function;

Focusing: the use of high-precision glass optical lens, electronic linear focus, 5 meters each effect can be clearly adjusted;

Atomization: 1 independent atomization effect, light spot soft and natural;

Horizontal and vertical: horizontal scanning angle of 540 ° (16BIT precision scan), vertical scanning angle of 270 ° (16BIT precision scan);

Control channel: 2 channel mode selection 16CH / 24CH, the factory default is 24CH

Protection class: default is IP65

Lamp weight: net weight 30KG,

Product size :: 420 * wide 310 * 780MM

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