LED350W Waterproof beam pattern moving head light triple
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◆ Product power: light power 350W total power of about 500W
◆ Rated voltage: AC100V-220V, 50 / 60Hz
◆ Light source specifications: LED350W light source life of up to 60,000 hours
◆ Product waterproof rating: IP65, the first to be able to hang up, upside down can achieve water effects, exclusive design of the light volume of small light weight, Taiwan 350W lamp beads, big rain show no longer with rain cover can still work The
◆ Beam angle: parallel beam angle 1 ° ~ 3 °, pattern magnification angle 15-56 °, 5 meters white spot 4.5 meters diameter, prism
◆ spot 2.3 meters in diameter;
◆ linear dimming: linear dimming 0 ~ 100%
◆ high-speed strobe: pulse strobe, synchronous asynchronous strobe strobe speed 1-26 times per second
◆ fixed color: a fixed color wheel with 10 color + white, can be half-color effect, linear color conversion and two-way variable speed rotation rainbow effect
◆ Dynamic pattern: 1 rotating pattern wheel with 7 optional plug-in pattern film + white, rotating pattern External diameter: 25mm Effective inner diameter: 18mm, can order customer requirements LOGO, variable speed jitter / two-way flow effect, Pattern indexing and 16Bit precision fine tuning
◆ static pattern: a fixed pattern wheel has 13 patterns + white (new design), variable speed jitter / two-way flow effect, all fixed patterns and rotating patterns can achieve linear stepless zoom function, to achieve a pattern can cover wall;
◆ Prism: 2 independent rotary prism, standard is the mirror +16 prism, and all prisms can be achieved linear stepless zoom function;
◆ Focus: 180MM large diameter high-precision glass optical lens, electronic linear focus, 5 meters each effect can be clearly adjusted; to ensure that the ultra-thick beam beam and high brightness light effect.
◆ display interface: the use of widescreen touch LCD display with dimming function and digital point pull function, can be reversed 180 ° display;
◆ sleep function: the use of today's most advanced technology to achieve remote sleep function, when the lights off the signal automatically enter the sleep state, so that the lamp is more stable and more secure, you can set the sleep time.
◆ CPU control: the use of imported the latest chip driver, high stability, better temperature, running faster, XY finished a lap only 2 seconds;
◆ optical system: the use of industry-renowned brands, Yilong optical, can not afford to film, the color is, high temperature, light through the custom models, higher brightness;
◆ quality control: in strict accordance with ISO2001: 2008 quality management system requirements for quality control;
◆ process requirements: the choice of high temperature of the Teflon wire, the transport site with a screw fixative to strengthen the solid, high-strength oxidation screw, auxiliary material temperature of 500 ℃ or more;
◆ power motor: the choice of 12 temperature -20 ℃ +400 ℃ pure copper wire drive motor, which XY axis with three-phase motor power supply, more powerful, more smooth, more quiet;
◆ communication design: DMX cable / wireless signal transmission, RDM two-way control technology, DMX upgrade version
◆ intelligent cooling: the use of wind direction and temperature intelligent monitoring speed control system, according to the different temperature of the lamp position, automatically drive different parts of the lamp cooling fan, the lamp parts for effective cooling; are imported high-speed pure roller fan ;
◆ anti-dry: the use of double suction magnets, the lamp body is easy to produce parts of the antibody reinforcement, to prevent the work of a variety of lamps dry light;
◆ lamp material: the internal use of reinforced alloy aluminum, light weight, small size; shell with environmentally friendly flame retardant PC material, good elasticity, not easy to crack;
◆ Horizontal and vertical: horizontal scanning angle of 540 ° (16BIT precision scanning), vertical scanning angle of 270 ° (16BIT precision scan);
◆ control channel: 2 channel mode selection 16CH / 20CH, the factory default is 20CH
◆ lamp weight: net weight 32KG


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