500W Moving head light
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Product details
Voltage: AC90-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Rated power: 500W
Light source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 330W bulb or Taiwan YODN350 watts R17 bulb, color temperature: 8500K
Zoom in: 6 ° -46 °
Focus: electronic focus
Color: 6 colors + blank, do two-way variable speed rainbow effect
Rotate Pattern: 9 Rotate Patterns + Blank
Fixed pattern: 13 fixed pattern film + blank, the pattern can do water and vibration effects, speed adjustable
Atomization: independent two-piece atomization mirror, wide range, high brightness, display evenly
Prism: a prism, do two-way variable speed rotation effect
Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
Strobe: independent two-piece strobe (1-13 times per second high-speed strobe, adjustable speed)
Light body scanning: running smooth, automatic return to correct function, adjustable speed, with 16Bit precision adjustment)
Scanning range: horizontal 540 °, vertical 270 °
Function cut light: with color + pattern + prism + XY cut light function
Cooling system: forced convection cooling
Control: DMX 512, three-core interface (wireless DMX512 function optional)
Channel: 22
Display: LCD liquid crystal display, brightness and contrast adjustable, Chinese and English intelligent user interface,
            (Optional built-in battery, you can set the display panel when the device is not powered)
Protection class: IP20, built-in overheating and triggering high voltage protection
Net weight: 25Kg
Gross Weight: Carton: 28Kg; Air Box (Double): 98Kg
Light body size: length 437 × width 380 × high 650 (mm)
Packing size: carton: length 515 × width 450 × height 775 (mm)
Air box (double only): length 870 × width 510 × high 920 (mm)

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